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Saturday, 20th July 2024

Where Beats, Performances, and Unforgettable Moments Converge!

Guest Star : DJ Englezos

Events at Encore – Ayia Napa’s Premier Destination for Unforgettable Experiences

Experience electrifying music event nights at Encore, your go-to venue for the most exciting and memorable events in Ayia Napa! Encore offers a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere that ensures every event is unforgettable including pulsating beats, high-energy performances, stunning visuals, fast service, signature and cocktails. Celebrate, and let loose. Don’t miss out on exhilarating events embodying excitement, luxury, and musical bliss.

At Encore, we specialize in creating unique events that stand out. Our creative approach and dedication to excellence ensure that every event is one-of-a-kind. Join us for unique Ayia Napa music events and experience the Encore difference.

Music event Ayia Napa
Monday, 22nd July, 2024
City girlz: Unleash your urban spirit

Join us for a vibrant night of pulsating beats, talented DJs, and a lively atmosphere. Connect, dance, and create unforgettable memories. Experience the extraordinary at Encore.

Guest Star : DJ dazeromusic
Ayia Napa square nightlife
Wednesday, 31 July, 2024
Earth is a Ghetto: Escape to the stars

An otherworldly experience with cosmic beats, celestial vibes, and an atmosphere that transcends boundaries. Join us for a night of intergalactic revelry and unforgettable moments. Let’s escape to the stars at Encore

Guest Star : DJ JohnnyJ
Live DJ Sets Larnaca
Friday, 2 August, 2024
Turn Up

Amplify the energy with blazing beats, non-stop moves, and an electric atmosphere that ignites the night. Join us for an unforgettable party experience that will keep you on your toes. Get ready to turn up the fun at Encore.

Guest Star : DJmrcause


Are you ready to experience the vibrant pulse of Ayia Napa’s party street during your summer vacation? Look no further! At Encore, we redefine the nightlife scene, offering an unparalleled party experience that sets us apart from conventional bars in Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

Encore is not just a music bar; it’s a hub for special events in Ayia Napa. We regularly host themed nights, holiday celebrations, and unique events that set us apart. Check our events calendar to stay updated on upcoming special events and join us for a night of fun and excitement.


22nd July, 2024

City girlz: Unleash your urban spirit

Doors open at: 21:00
31 July 2024

Earth is a Ghetto: Escape to the stars

Doors open at: 21:00
02 August 2024

Turn Up: the Party Pulse

Doors open at: 21:00
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